May. 27th, 2016

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SO WHO’S READY FOR A MIGHTY BOOSH DÆMON AU??? Hell fucking yeah. Because dæmon AUs are THE BEST and I love them, and I don’t think there exists one yet for the Boosh! Which is shocking. (Psst, those of you who don’t know His Dark Materials; you don’t really need to, a quick wiki of dæmon will serve you just fine)

Title: Wild Above Rule or Art
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir, but only in a very gen preslashy way
Author: Culumacilinte
Summary: But no, that isn’t right; that story’s been told before, and elsewhere. Let me try again.

Or: there are many universes and many continuities; when your soul lives outside your body, some things change. An exploration of possibilities.
Rating: G
Word count: 8298

‘I need a gesture, little man’, says Howard. His Mathilde is on the ground at his side, though Howard usually carries her himself, her little paws splayed firm on the dirty wet brick amongst grit and greasy takeaway wrappers and bottlecaps and fag ends. Her whiskers twitch, nervous.

Vince, more than likely, is going to do something stupid. He usually does. No-one ever taught him how to handle these kinds of situations, you see.

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Title: The Art of Not Being Noticed
Pairing: Pete Sweet/Stitch
Authors: Culumacilinte, [ profile] bluestocking79
Summary: Pete has no shame; this may be a contagious condition
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3776
Notes: The working title of this fic was Pete Sweet and his RIDICULOUS ENORMOUS COCK, and What was Done With It, which I think tells you something about what to expect

Pete drives him wild, he really does, makes him feel... ravenous, greedy; he wants Pete in every conceivable way, every position, wants to do everything to him, with him. It freaks him out sometimes, but right now it's so good and he's so wound up, feeling about as drunk on Pete as those few gins, he can't be bothered. Pete's good influence, maybe


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