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Another Chapter, sorry.
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating: M
Warnings: Sex, mentions of violence

Thankyou for reading.

Link: Lives in Abstraction
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Fandom: Surrealissimo
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Warnings: Non-explicit sexy times, anxiety, mention of past violence.

The latest chapter of my Rosey/Bauer fic, set in 1940s France and Italy, based on the characters from the film 'Surrealissimo - The Trial of Salvador Dali'.


(Also at AO3.)

Thank you. xx
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Title: Lives in Abstraction
Chapter: 17
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Rating: M/R
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Notes: This chapter, and the few before, do contain adult themes concerning depression, manipulation and death. Sorry.

Link: http://littleredchucks.livejournal.com/57502.html
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More  story and bad art to go wih it.

Title: Lives in Abstraction
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Genres: Romance, drama
Rating: M/R
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Hello, up to chapter eight so thought I'd post the progress. It's up on Archive of our Own and FanFiction.net too but here is the link to LJ:
Title: Lives in Abstraction
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genres: Drama, romance
Pairing: Bauer/Rosey

Link: http://littleredchucks.livejournal.com/54524.html
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Hello. I accidentally started a new fic, which wasn't the one I thought I was going to be writing, but I'll see how it goes.
Title: Lives in Abstraction (The imagined memoirs of a surrealist poet)
Rating: Teen to Mature I think
Pairing: Bauer and Rosey

The Link to the journal:

Kay, ta.
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Oh God, you guys ... I really should thank you all personally for your comments T_T
I feel like a dick not answering any of them, but there's just so MANY

Characters/Pairings: Mint Royale!Getaway driver/Bank robber, Stitch/Sweet (+ bonus Vince and bonus Bauer)  
Rating: PG-13

fingers crossed that this cut works, urgh! )

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I've been watching this community in silence for a little over two months now and I guess it's time to contribute something, right? (besides that[livejournal.com profile] drubbish wants me to post my stuff haha)

Pairing or Characters: Rosey and Bauer (Surrealissimo), Howard, Vince (The Mighty Boosh), Getaway driver (Mint Royale)
Rating: PG, PG-13?


I'm not good at making up cut-notes )
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Here is a collection of shorts that I've written for [livejournal.com profile] boosh_shorts challenges 15 and 13. The most recent pieces are at the top. Thank you for reading!

Title: Alone Again Or
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG
Warnings: Contains a reference to Bunny and The Bull, including something shown in the trailer.
Disclaimer: Dan Ashcroft, Jones, and the world of Nathan Barley belong to Charile Brooker and Chris Morris.
Author's Comments: Written for challenge 15: Time and Memory. The song used for this piece is Alone Again Or by Love. You can hear it here.

Yeah, I heard a funny thing )

Title: Sense of Time
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Dan Ashcroft, Jones, and the world of Nathan Barley belong to Charile Brooker and Chris Morris.
Author's Comments: Second entry for challenge 15: Time and Memory. On April 12th, 2010 Supergrass announced they were breaking up. Dan's first assignment for Sugar Ape was a review of a Supergrass single (see this bio), which was eight years prior to the series. This piece is set on April 12th, giving Dan and Jones nearly five years to move on from where they were at the end of the series, which broadcasted in 2005.

I think working from home has finally screwed up your sense of time. )

Title: Remembering The Time of I
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Surrealissimo is property of Matthew Broughton and Richard Curson Smith.
Author's Comments: Third entry for challenge 15: Time and Memory. For the purpose of this piece I'm considering them both multilingual.

I had almost forgotten the time of I )

Title: Breakfast on Pluto
Word Count: 200
Characters: Vince, Howard
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Howard, Vince, and the world of The Mighty Boosh belong to Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.
Author's Comments: Written for challenge 13, film titles. This short is set when both boys are young and have recently become friends.

It's a Plutonian friendship breakfast! )

Title: It Happened One Night
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairing: Nearly all of them.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, they just came over to play for a bit.
Author's Comments: Written for challenge 13, film titles. I had fun fitting everyone into the format for this piece.

One night . . . )
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Title: Subversion
Category: Surrealisimo
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Summary: Bauer dares to break the rules.
Word Count: 1957
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine.
A/N: A big thanks to my lovely beta [livejournal.com profile] cali_se

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Title: Literally...Yin and Yang
Pairing or Characters: Rosey/Bauer
Summary: Takes place immediately following the events of Surrealissimo: The Trial of Salvador Dali
Word Count: 705
Rating: (R) – Mature Themes
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't seen Surrealissimo (which you absolutely should).
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are copyright their respective owners. No profit was made in the writing and sharing of this fiction.
Author’s Notes: Seriously just watched Surrealissimo yesterday for the first time. I'd seen clips, but the clips don't do the whole flick justice. It's great. Also there's a little shout out to Julian's stand up. :)

FIC: Surrealissimo - Rosey/Bauer (R) )
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Guys, I'm so sorry for the huge delay in posting this final chapter (those of you on my flist will know that I have procrastinated like a mother-bitch just how much real life has interfered with my writing lately).

Follows more or less straight on from chapter 12, posted positively ages ago.

Reaching the horizon )
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Hi *first time posting*
I'm way too intimidated by the awesome writing here to bring any fic. However, I did make some icons to share :D
A few that I made of the Jonathan Ross interview last Friday, plus a few from Surrealissimo and Nathan Barley.
I also have 64 screencaps that I made of the Jonathan Ross interview, in case anyone is interested.

icons and screencaps )
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Title: Far More Perilous Things Than This
Rating: NC-17
Summary: for [livejournal.com profile] kissfisst, who requested a RoseyandBauer/Gala story. This is pre-Surrealissimo, pre-Dali, when Gala was still married to Paul Eluard (and the two of them were still tramping around with Max Ernst).

Yes, I know there's a woman involved, but trust me, it's still heavy on the slash.

Far More Perilous Things Than This

(no subject)

Sep. 2nd, 2008 02:59 pm
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I hope this is allowed here - it’s not fic, but sort of fic-related (since it may help me with the last couple of chapters of my Rosey/Bauer story). Basically, I was hoping for a sort of extended discussion of the Rosey/Bauer pairing and of people’s interpretations of ‘Surrealissimo’.

Spoilers and pictures under the cut - one picture is probably not work-safe. Apologies for the poor quality of some of the screencaps - they were taken from youtube - what I wouldn't give for a DVD of this! )
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I was hoping to write this while I was away over the weekend, but I've ended up being so busy that I didn't even have time to think about it until yesterday. But here it is at last. Enjoy!

Sickly yellow, watery blue )
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I'm going to be away for the next few days - actually, I'm going away on Thursday afternoon but I don't know if I'll have chapter nine done before then, so just in case, here's two chapters for the price of one!

Chapter 7 - Deepest night black )

Chapter 8 - Prussian Blue )


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