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Title: Enigma Variations, Coda, 2/?: Cup
Summary: It’s a long story, and Howard doesn’t know where to start
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Length: somewhat short of 1000 words
Spoilers: Naboo still makes a good cup of tea
Disclaimer: these characters aren’t mine, more’s the pity, and I make no profit from writing about them
Notes: I’m sorry, I know, I know, I said I’d be away for a week and it’s been WAY longer... this is a short chapter but I promise I won’t leave you hanging for so long before the next one!

Enigma Variations, Coda, 2/?: Cup

‘Vince got c... got sick,’ Howard says hoarsely, huddling deeper into the armchair beside the fire. He feels as though he’ll never be warm again. ‘It was alright, until then. It was...’

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Title: Potion Commotion, 1/2
Summary: it’s Valentine’s Day and the shamen are determined to ‘have it large’ in Naboo’s flat...
Rating: R
Warnings: drug use; soft-focus vomiting at one point
Length: about 3400
Spoilers: Vince finds himself trying NOT to attract attention
Disclaimer: none of these characters is mine, I own none of them and I make no profit from my demented ramblings
Notes: Fill for V-Day prompt number 10 about the potions mixup. There will be at least one more chapter, possibly two if you twist my arm...

Potion Commotion, 1/2

Vince drums his heels on the floor, and frowns at the TV screen. ‘This is rubbish. Why are we watching it?’
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Title: Might Have Been
Summary: Howard gets a Valentine
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: only for soppiness, but then it is Valentine’s Day
Spoilers: Vince has to do some hard thinking
Length: 5000-ish words? What happened there? It was only going to be a short short!
Disclaimer: I do not own these lovely characters, I just like to write about them now and again... and again and again and again...
Notes: I am writing for at least one of our prompts as well, but meantime this happened. This story is a gift for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] bluestocking79 , just because. It is ridiculously fluffy and daft, even for me, but Bluey, I hope it makes you smile!

Might Have Been

At the first rattle of the shop’s letterbox, Vince leaps out of his seat and races downstairs.

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Title: A Bit Rubbish, 7/7
Summary: There is shaman smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: I don’t think I really need to warn for anatomically canon!Naboo any more, do I? You’ve all seen it all before… even if this version of Saboo hasn’t yet
Spoilers: See Summary
Length: about 2500 words (there is much shaman chatter as well as the smut)
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don’t sue, and yes I do have a filthy mind
Notes: Thank you all for your patience with my glacially slow progress. The smut is a bit late for Christmas, but what the heck. Better late than never, and I’m sure Naboo would agree…

A Bit Rubbish, 7/7

Saboo puts Naboo down on the bedroom floor, takes a pace back and looks at him. ‘Well. What now?’

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Title: A Bit Rubbish, 6/7
Summary: Breakfast is a bit late today, and it looks as though lunch will be even later
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Dennis works one more bit of magic
Length: about 2200 words, but who's counting?
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don’t sue, I know carpets don't fly but I do believe in a bit of Christmas magic
Notes: Happy New Year to anybody still reading! Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. Lots of seasonal things got in the way - mostly good things though, so I can’t really complain. The story is getting there in its own sweet time (it’s taken the boys ages to tell me how they wanted to play this) but it’s not quite the end of Twelfth Night yet, although the smutty coda will probably be technically late for Christmas...

A Bit Rubbish, 6/7

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Title: A Bit Rubbish, 1/3
Summary: it wasn’t burglars on the roof
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Spoilers: there is mistletoe, but it's a bit rubbish
Length: 700-ish words
Disclaimer: not my characters, I only borrowed them and will put them back all mended when I’ve finished
Notes: it took me ages to come round to the idea of this pairing actually getting it on – my head canon has them as good friends who decided a long time ago that screwing each other would be a bad idea. I hope you don’t find my plot device too corny. I’m sure Naboo rolled his eyes and muttered ‘bloody hell, we just can’t get the writers these days’, but he is a professional and went along with it…

A Bit Rubbish, 1/3

‘Dennis? What the fuck were you doin’ on the roof?’

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Title: All There Is To It 3/4
Summary: Two shamen are trying not to see the elephant in the room… or each other’s naughty bits
Rating: PG-13 for language, nudity, drug usage
Warnings: Bucket required, this is shamelessly icky fluff
Spoilers: Saboo's never liked lentils either
Length: 3300-ish words and there is still another chapter to go… am I being self-indulgent or what?
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don’t sue, and I’m pretty sure I made up that last flavour of bubble bath
Notes: The smut-in-a-castle is getting smuttier. Be very patient and it will get graphic in the end; the elephant is coming into focus (ditto the naughty bits) and it's always a pity to waste a good four-poster bed…

All There Is To It 3/4

‘Bubbles,’ Saboo says decisively, as the steaming hot water thunders from its gilt brass spout and into the oversized, claw-footed bathtub. ‘We need bubbles.’
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Title: Like a Hole in the Head, part 3/4
Summary: Love is in the air, but Saboo has come very firmly down to earth
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: anatomically canon!Naboo (although I know that doesn’t worry most folks on here)
Spoilers: There is macaroni cheese for dinner. And there will be smut in Part 4 when I’ve got all the bits in the right order
Length: about 1600 words
Disclaimer: I do not own these beautiful boys and make no profit from my demented ramblings about their purely hypothetical activities
Notes: One-shot? Never let me say that again. I still think I prefer my Enigma-verse version of this pairing (and intend to return to it at some stage) but I’ve enjoyed writing this take on them too…

‘Naboo, you plum, what on earth are these supposed to be?’

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Hello community, I’m Jo and this is my first post here. I’ve been reading through the fandom for a couple of months now, ever since I discovered The Mighty Boosh, and have made my path through most of what is in any way connected to it and its creators. I’m still catching up. To say that I have been entirely mesmerized and thrilled by these fandoms and the fanfiction and fabulous art I’ve read/seen here so far, would be the understatement of the century. Frankly, I can’t remember being so in love with anything for a long long while. Thank you greatly.

For some time I’ve been drawing amongst others (sort of) illustrations for [livejournal.com profile] concupiscence66's amazing series Let The Good Times Roll, mostly so I don’t have to show too much of my inability to comment, lol. And since there are four pictures now, I thought I may just as well post them here. (And because I was told it would be OK. If it is not, I blame you who told me. You know who you are…) Apologies to everybody who’s already seen the following!

Pairing or Characters: Howard/Vince, Howard & Vince
Rating: G and PG, except for 'Embracing water' that has nonsexual nudity and would be about R.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody and anything, not even the ideas for these drawings.

Author’s Notes: As stated above these are more than just inspired by [livejournal.com profile] concupiscence66's wonderful story that I'm sure everyone's familiar with.
And I am so unspeakably grateful for the feedback and support I received from you people who have seen this, although I have proven myself as a horribly inept replier and commentator. I stare at the feedback and read and I'm delighted to squeeing by it.... it's just that I don't know what to say to it. And the same goes for fics... I swear I'll work on that though :)

"... when that's where you left your heart..."  (chapter 18)

Laissez les bons temps rouler!   (chapter 20)

"You don't understand"  (chapter 21)

Embracing water   (chapter 23)

[Sorry, this has turned out longer than I expected. Please tell me if you'd like me to put it all under a cut or something... :///]

Fic: Two of Us

Aug. 3rd, 2012 11:08 pm
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Title: Two Of Us
Summary: Howard comes back from Denmark and Naboo sends his workers on an 'Employee Bonding' weekend.
Rating: G
Warnings: Can I warn for fluff? I will warn for fluff. It's the worst kind, seriously.
Disclaimer: Look into our eyes, you can see a lack of ownership.
Notes: This is the first of several posts I'll be doing over the next few weeks where people are prompting me and I am writing them. If you want to give me any prompts leave a comment below or somewhere on my journal and I'll add it to my list.

Fic is here at my journal because I feel ashamed posting such saccharine fic to the BSH.
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Title: Three Winning Wagers for Naboo the Enigma
Summary: Howard and Vince have to pick up the pieces. And not just in Stationery Village
Rating: R
Warnings: much soppiness, a graphic description of scrambled eggs, and just a faint hint of reported non-con although nothing actually happened there
Spoilers: there are Jaffa Cakes for tea
Length: about 2750 words… how did that happen, when all the smut’s off-camera?
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. I just borrow them to play with now and again, and I always mend them carefully and put them back when I’ve finished. And I do it all for love, not for profit.
Notes: Here you go, the follow-up to this that I wasn’t going to write but somehow I couldn’t resist…

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Title: With You 'til the End
Pairing or Characters: Howard/Vince
Summary: Howard goes to visit Vince after some time apart, after discovering the truth about his friend's absence.
Word Count: 2,164
Rating: PG, to be safe
Warnings: Fluff, slightly angsty, deals with serious illness.
Disclaimer:  As much as I wish I owned the boys featured within, I don't own them or am in anyway affiliated with them, nor would I use them for money-making.
Author’s Notes: Hello there! I am new to this comm and to Boosh slash in general, but not new to slash fiction. Coming out of the lurk to post a story that has been itching at me for a while. Hope you enjoy! I had a close friend beta this as I was too shy to contact anyone... sorry >.<|| Con-crit and comments always welcome!

Howard strode purposefully through the cold, sterile white walls of the ward, each footfall echoing in the empty halls. )

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Title: Enigma Variations, 2/?
Summary: Naboo drinks the potion
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Howard falls asleep on the sofa
Length: about 1150 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, I just borrow them to play with now and again (and again and again and again). For twisted love, not for profit
Notes: the Blatant Plot Device is still going strong and the scenario it’s generated is improbable in the extreme, but I hope it’s also cute enough that you’ll forgive me! (I really, really want someone to draw the closing scene for me…)

Enigma Variations

2 Kind of Blue

“You’ll have to shut your eyes,” Naboo says sternly.Read more... )
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Behold - 18:06 seconds of Howince goodness )

I know it's terribly amateurish, but nevertheless I'm well chuffed. Hope you like it.
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Title: Dressing Room
Pairing: Noelian
Rating: NC-17 (Just to be safe)
Warnings: Slash, Fluffy
Disclaimer. I don't own anyone, not for profit, not my property etc. Just a bit of dirty fun.
Word Count: 1,860
Notes: This is my first fic ever. Feedback is greatly appreciated, unbeta'd.

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Everyone, look at the pretty....

<-------- LOOK AT IT!

okay, I am done


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