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Are any of you still hanging about here? In light of all the recent brouhaha in re. LJ and its servers, it occurred to me that importing all the many many years of content on here over to Dreamwidth just in case might be a good idea, because I am well acquainted with the UNBEARABLE TRAGEDY of losing good fic and art to the auspices of time and fickle internet whim. But I'm p sure you need to be a mod (or maintainer?) in order to do that. So! Thoughts, opinions? Are there any mods still hanging about who would be able to do that?
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This post is primarily aimed at our newer members, though I strongly urge all members to read this as it contains details of a few changes to the way the haven is run.

First of all, welcome to the Boosh Slash Haven. We have always regarded ourselves as one of the friendliest slash fandoms around and with your help, we will always remain so. This post is intended to outline the posting guidelines in the kingdom of gheydom, and tell you all you need to know about writing fanfiction for the BSH.

Betas )

LJ-cuts )

Heading up your fanfiction )

Ratings )

Warnings )

Moderated posting )

Grammar )

Characterisation )

Giving and receiving concrit )

Revision to our banned themes policy )

Not a writer? Not a problem! )

tags )

Third post hurts the most )

Your post must contain slash )

Have any problems or concerns? I'm not the only mod. )

I believe that this covers everything. If anything is unclear, please let me know. And if you have any other suggestions, please comment here. Normal service will resume shortly. We will have a challenge up soon, keep your eyes peeled!
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Hello! I expect you're all tired of me now.

It can hardly have escaped your attention that there has been an increase in drabble posting recently. The majority of these have come from [livejournal.com profile] boosh_shorts.

I have no objection to drabbles as they are fanfic and nearly always slash. In order to save our post traffic and to avoid getting more and more posts per day of one-drabble entries, might I suggest for those of you who write drabbles that you save your drabbles until you have a minimum of say six drabbles and then submit them all in one post?

EDIT: I am reliably informed that four is a much better number. Four-drabble rule? Opinions, etc?

Does this sound reasonable? Please feedback.
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This is a note to inform all members here that the staff have acknowledged the recent opinions and suggestions concerning recent posting. We are reviewing these suggestions and discussing possible changes. We wouldn't like anyone on either side of the debate to think we are ignoring what they are saying, but we would hope you all will understand that we cannot change things overnight. Therefore we ask for your patience and understanding while we figure this out.
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Don't worry! THE PORN STAYS! You can relax!

Over the next few days, there are going to be a few changes to the look of the Haven.

We'd like to make it a bit easier to find information that is useful, such as a list of betas, guidance about posting and general gubbins like that, for n00bs as well as old jaded gimmers like me, whose brain cells have been fried by reading so much Boosh Slash that I need constant reminding about how to do simple actions. Ahem.

Anyway, this post is just to advise you not to panic if you log on and the screen looks weird or different in any way. Our specially-trained silver grey monkey will be working hard over the weekend and, as long as we keep him fed on bananas and Irn-Bru (those are his demands), you won't even feel a thing.

If you've got anything you'd particularly like to see in the guidance notes, please comment here (your comments will be screened). EDIT: Also let us know if you can't see the images, the colour scheme messes with your retinas, that kind of thing.

Finally, I'm sure you're all aware it's Julian's birthday today and that you'll all join me in celebrating pictorially:
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(credit where due to the photographer of this fine pink pants shot)
Ain't looking too bad, is he? :)
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After thinking it over, we've decided that we won't be changing the journal format to Moderated Membership. It wouldn't stop people reading the entries, and the open-membership is one thing that we really like about this comm.

However, if you don't want just anyone reading your stories, feel free to f-lock it. You can go back and edit previous stories if you like.

This does mean that you will have to be a member to see the stories, and watchers won't be able to...


Oct. 25th, 2005 10:01 pm
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So, theres some interesting stuff abounding over at the Boosh forum. Mainly about Boosh slashfiction, and the possibility of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt actually reading any of it. Word is, they have. So... Yeah.

Now, I know this is upsetting some people. And what I basically want to know is, should we make this comm Friends-Only?

Feel free to leave thoughts and suggestions.

edit: just checked the available options. it would be moderated membership, meaning the mods (cailenbraern and myself) would authorise membership.


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