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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] candiedkitty at The Mighty Boosh Baby Ch 1
Title: The Mighty Boosh Baby Chapter 1
Fandom: The Mighty Boosh, Howince
Characters: Howard, Vince, Naboo, Bollo, Lance
Pairing: Howard/Vince
Rating: NC-17
Summary: So I like to think that Howard and Vince are a dysfunctional married couple for the entire series. I may even rewrite some episodes with that little element for fun. But for now, here's this thing. I saw some requests on forums and thought what the heck, why not. Enjoy.
Genre: Comedy, Slash, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Contains lemon, mpreg
Word count: 1787

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Title: Going Bananas
Summary: Bollo gets a Valentine. Naboo gets the hump.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: drug use, drunkenness, soppiness
Length: about 4000 words
Spoilers: Vince and Howard get something too. This is Valentine’s Day fic, after all
Disclaimer: these characters aren’t mine, more’s the pity, and I make no profit from writing about them
Notes: a very late fill for a V-Day prompt in which Bollo gets a Valentine. A bit rough and ready, un-beta’d, but it’s been languishing in a notebook for two years and it’s about time I shared it, so here you go, have some shameless fluff. Concrit welcome, don’t worry, I can take it!

Going Bananas

‘Here we go again,’ Howard sighs, as Vince’s excited footsteps clatter up the stairs to the flat.

Naboo rolls his eyes. ‘Just don’t encourage him, OK? Let’s just stay calm, get this over with for another year.’

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Beany made me caps of all of Vince's various outfits in the series, since I needed references. In return I made cute drawings. One Dan/Jones, one of wee kiddy Jones, and one of Young Gregg, Howard, and Vince in the park playing "airplane".

Pairings: Dan/Jones, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

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Two very different pictures for very different reasons. One is 'cuz I like to creep people out, and I seem to be slipping back into Dr. Rockzo mode. One is to justify the slashiness of this post, and to balance out the creepy with adorableness. So a picture of Young Gregg being...Young Gregg, and a rather OOC picture of Howard and Vince being lovey dovey and doing something they'd never actually do (Well, Vince wouldn't).

Pairings: Howard/Vince, Implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

Yin-yang )
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A comic of the whole gang celebrating Young Gregg's birthday! It's gift time and Howard finds an unexpected package there for Young Gregg.

Inspired by this, my favorite extra booshy thing ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBKG15XrnXI Howard's little "ohh dear" always gets me.

Pairings: Implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG-13
Warning: It involves Old Gregg, you know it's going to be kind of gross.

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Another long-winded comic starring everyone's favorite hybrid merchild, Young Gregg. In today's adventure, Young Gregg showcases some of his more disturbing tendencies inherited from his "Mother".

Summary: Baby's first abduction! <3
Pairings: implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG-13

Warning: If you like cute little doggies, don't read ahead.

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Oh man I don't know how this happened, I drew angsty Young Gregg cartoons. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Summary: Young Gregg is feeling blue about being green
Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

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I do a lot of quick doodles here and there, either for comments in LJ or on twitter to amuse myself. Some of them answer questions about Young Gregg that have popped up, so I am posting them here. IT'S LIKE A YOUNG GREGG EXTRA BIT.

NOTE: None of this is terribly slashy, and if that's not cool just say so.

Pairing: Implied past Howard/Old Gregg (Howard's be-hatted sperm shows up..)
Rating: Not Mind Safe (R?)
Warning: I made a comic of Young Gregg's birth. Yes it is that disturbing.

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This is what happens when The Rev gives me an idea, and I can't write a fanfic, and I can't make a concise comic of it. It turns into a long, wordy, confusing comic!!! If you can't read my writing, sorry, it's tiny and cramped and it's very hard to read even when it's not tiny and cramped.

Summary: Hide and Seek with Young Gregg goes awry
Pairings: Implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

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'Cuz that means it's FLUFF TUESDAY. I'm hoping it catches on. Nudge nudge.

More Young G--aw c'mon, you know what it is.

Summary: Like it would be anything else. These jump around a lot in this 'verse's timeline.
Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

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I was bored. Based on suggestions from Twitter folk. Young Gregg shenanigans. Also featuring Teen!Young Gregg despite me wanting to keep him a cute wittle fish thing forever and ever <3

Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG

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Hey more of this, based on suggestions from folks on twitter! Featuring: THE FACTS OF LIFE! STATIONARY LOVING! BAKING!

Pairings: Implied past Howard/Vince
Rating: PG-13 (some cartoony bad bits from Howard's lecture)

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IT'S FLUFF TUESDAY!! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Yes, yes. Fluff. Dangerous amounts of fluff. Nuclear fluff. Here is a wallpaper I made featuring Young Gregg, Howard, and Vince being all cute and fluffy. YES, WALLPAPER. Half-sized preview featured here.

Rating: G
Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Warning: An OC and stupid amounts of fluff.

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Got the idea for this l'il comic after people were going on about how stupidly cute Young Gregg is, against all probabilities.

Summary: Young Gregg wants sweets
Pairings: Implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: G
Warning: An OC, and Vince looking like Florence Henderson

60's mum, 60's mum, Vince looks like a 60's mum )
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SEE I SAID I HAD A BACKLOG. Here's another Young Gregg comic. IT'S ABOUT ART :D

Summary: Vince gets Howard all hot and bothered through the medium of crayons. Young Gregg acts cute.
Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: R (naughty drawing!)
Warning: An OC. And a naughty drawing. A very crudely drawn naughty drawing.



May. 21st, 2010 11:03 pm
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Another Young Gregg comic. Because I have a few of these sitting around. Sorry for spammage. If anyone can't read the speech bubbles since I have shit handwriting and it's tiny, I'll transcribe it.

Summary: Vince and Howard find themselves in a bit of a pickle after Young Gregg comes home from a play date with Bollo a little early.
Pairings: Howard/Vince, implied past Howard/Old Gregg
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Stupid amounts of fluff

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