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Title: Enriching the Mind
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir
Author: Culumacilinte
Summary: Howard is trying to read. He has Very Important Things to read here, Vince, he's living the intellectual life, he doesn't have time to-- ah-- really, he doesn't.

Or: Vince launches a campaign of seduction by annoyance.
Rating: M
Word count: 1827

There is a moment where Howard could do something, push Vince away or snap at him to leave him be-- but he doesn’t. He just harrumphs and squares his shoulders and turns even more emphatically to his book.

Vince grins into Howard’s hair.

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Title:  On the Way Home
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Noel Fielding/Richard Ayoade; referenced Noel/Julian
Rating:  R
Warnings:  sex, language
Summary:  A little peek into their marriage, set after the Big Fat Quiz of Everything.
Author's note:  There is not Noel/Richard Ayoade tag in AO3, so I feel like I am performing an important service by celebrating this fandom with a weird little ficlet.  Thank you, Bluey, for the beta and hand-holding

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WHOOPS I've not been reliably crossposting my stuff here for the past few months, so prepare to be INUNDATED with all my new fic. This one isn't really properly Booshfic, but I'd say it counts about as much as any of the Mint Royale stuff that's been written does. Characters loosely inspired by Noel and Julian, et al, let's say.

Title: Bitter Resin and Salt
Pairing: fae!Noel Fielding/OFC, with a side helping of fae!Dee Plume/fae!Sue Denim/OFC, and implied fae!Julian Barratt/fae!Julia Davis
Author: Culumacilinte
Rating: M
Word count: 2511
Warnings: Some dubious consent (ish– faerie enchantment being what it is) and a bit of disturbing imagery
Summary: Follow him into the woods, you know you want to. Here, aren’t you hungry? One of these little fruits, he’ll hold it to your lips for you (just the barest brush of his fingertips against the skin under your mouth, and his skin is so soft, and he smiles so bashfully, as if it were a mistake). Take his hand, this way, watch the roots. (but if you come in, you can never leave).

He twists around the trunk like a glittering, pale-and-black snake, hand uncurling in the air between you. An imperious command to follow, or a childish invitation to join him, a dare, a wicked invocation in the sly scroll of his fingers. Take his hand, this way, watch the roots. (but if you come in, you can never leave).
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Title: Surprise Package
Pairing: Howard/Vince
Summary: Howard is having a rubbish birthday. Then it gets better.
Rating: R (dicks doth touch but doth not penetrate in the nether regions)
Warnings: poorly written with too much dialogue
Length: about 3100 words
Spoilers:  See Rating
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. I know them so well, but still I don’t own them and they’re not making me any money, they’re just making me happy. Don’t ask why they make me happy in this particular way. They just do. Very happy.
Notes:  Huge apologies to Connie, for whom this was intended as a slightly late birthday present for this year but is now more of a slightly early present for Christmas or next birthday. Un-beta’d and endlessly tinkered with, so all constructive feedback will be gratefully received because it’s been so long since I finished a smutty story that I honestly don’t know whether I can actually write this stuff any more...

The view of London from the roof of the Nabootique is superb this evening: rooftops gleaming, a few lights already twinkling in windows, the sky still tinted with red and gold where the sun has just slipped over the horizon, the Moon smiling down with his chalky-white face.

But all of it might as well be Leeds in the drizzle as far as Howard Moon is concerned.

This has to be the most rubbish birthday he’s ever had, EVER, in all his... thirty-three, yes thirty-three (he glares at the Moon) years.

Even worse than last year’s, and that’s saying something.

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fic: tourbus

Jul. 16th, 2015 10:34 pm
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Title: Tourbus
Pairing: Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt. Ish.
Characters: It's an ensemble piece. Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Mike Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Dave Brown
Author: Culumacilinte
Rating: M
Word count: 943
Summary: On a five month tour, sometimes you just need to have a wank, even if a tourbus doesn’t allow for many places to do so in private. A sampling of sneaky tourbus wanks.

‘You gotta dial it down, dude,’ Rich says too loudly, and laughs. ‘I totally heard you bashing one out last night.’

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Another Chapter, sorry.
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating: M
Warnings: Sex, mentions of violence

Thankyou for reading.

Link: Lives in Abstraction
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Fandom: Surrealissimo
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Warnings: Non-explicit sexy times, anxiety, mention of past violence.

The latest chapter of my Rosey/Bauer fic, set in 1940s France and Italy, based on the characters from the film 'Surrealissimo - The Trial of Salvador Dali'.


(Also at AO3.)

Thank you. xx
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Title: Lives in Abstraction
Chapter: 17
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Rating: M/R
Pairing: Rosey/Bauer
Notes: This chapter, and the few before, do contain adult themes concerning depression, manipulation and death. Sorry.

Link: http://littleredchucks.livejournal.com/57502.html
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More  story and bad art to go wih it.

Title: Lives in Abstraction
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Genres: Romance, drama
Rating: M/R
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Hello, up to chapter eight so thought I'd post the progress. It's up on Archive of our Own and FanFiction.net too but here is the link to LJ:
Title: Lives in Abstraction
Fandom: Surrealissimo
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genres: Drama, romance
Pairing: Bauer/Rosey

Link: http://littleredchucks.livejournal.com/54524.html
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Hello. I accidentally started a new fic, which wasn't the one I thought I was going to be writing, but I'll see how it goes.
Title: Lives in Abstraction (The imagined memoirs of a surrealist poet)
Rating: Teen to Mature I think
Pairing: Bauer and Rosey

The Link to the journal:

Kay, ta.
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Title:  Empty Chairs
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Howard/Vince
Rating: R
Warnings:  sappiness, semi-explicit sex
Summary:  The boys prepare to head home
Author’s note:  This chapter has been half-written for ages.  I have problems ending things.  I’m in therapy.  I’m sure I’ll work it out some day.  In the meantime, thanks for hanging on! (Bluey, I will not let this go unfinished for yet another birthday…)

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Title:  The Hero
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Noel/Julian
Rating:  R
Warnings: Drug use, hints of dub-con
Summary:  Noel spends unwanted time alone with Roger
Author’s note:  It’s been sooooo long since my last update!  I had a fun little idea to get me back into the swing of things but it turned dark and epic, so I had to make it into two chapters.  


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Title: Not A Pretty Story, 5/?
Summary: Vince and Howard have some important decisions to make
Rating: NC-17 overall, this chapter R maybe?
Warnings: overall the story contains accusations of bestiality, non-consensual sex, anatomically canon!Naboo, blood, violence and a more than usually convoluted plot. This chapter is fairly harmless by comparison
Length: about 2400 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own these lovely (and not-so-lovely) characters, I just borrow them to play with and nobody pays me for doing so
Notes: thanks for the encouragement, dear reader – we are nearing the end now although I still don’t know exactly where that is. Sometime before the start of series 2, I guess.

Meanwhile it’s been a while since I posted, so here are links to previous chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Not A Pretty Story, 5/?

Vince wanders restlessly round his cluttered living room, picking up random things from the shelves and putting them down again.

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Title: Not A Pretty Story, 3/?
Summary: Naboo gets rescued. Vince gets some answers. And someone gets a tentacle where the sun don’t shine.
Rating: NC-17 (this chapter probably more like R, but to be on the safe side...)
Warnings: accusations of bestiality, non-consensual sex, anatomically canon!Naboo, blood, violence and a more than usually convoluted plot. Oh, and tentacles, did I mention the tentacles?
Length: about 1000 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own these lovely (and not-so-lovely) characters, I just borrow them to play with and nobody pays me for doing so
Notes: This never happened. But there has to be some reason why the zoo was closed, and how Naboo ended up on the Board of Shamen...

Not A Pretty Story, 3/?

‘Is this human bothering you, son?’Read more... )

Bent Part 10

Sep. 26th, 2014 05:44 pm
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Title:  Bent
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Howard/Vince
Rating:  R
Warnings:  dub-con (manipulation not violence), very, very mild violence, language, angst, suggestion of emotional abuse, manipulation, general unpleasantness
Summary:  Vince reflects on all the things Howard doesn’t know

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Title: Not A Pretty Story, 2/?
Summary: Naboo has some bad memories. Vince has some unanswered questions. Howard has no trousers, no job and no friends. Summary of summary: this is not a cheery chapter.
Rating: R (and see the warnings)
Warnings: accusations of bestiality, off-screen non-consensual sex, anatomically canon!Naboo, blood, mild threat/violence and a more than usually convoluted plot. Oh, and tentacles. The tentacles still haven’t appeared yet, but they will.
Length: about 1100 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own these lovely (and not-so-lovely) characters, I just borrow them to play with and nobody pays me for doing so
Notes: Un-beta’d: all errors and clunky sentences are mine. I apologize unreservedly to all Bob Fossil fans for making Bobby Bob Bob such a bad boy in this fic. Bless him, he’s just a big kid really, but... even kids sometimes pull the wings off flies...

Not A Pretty Story, 2/?

‘Oh, my little love muffin, I can’t fight it any longer, now that we’re alone again.’

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Bent Part 7

Aug. 16th, 2014 05:23 pm
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Title:  Bent
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Vince/Howard
Rating: R
Warnings: angst, semi-graphic sexuality… this is a hard story to put warnings for.  Things you read in other fanfics that make you uncomfortable?  That’s the kind of stuff happening here.
Summary:  Howard is ready to be a man of action.  Sort of.


Fell for You

Jul. 27th, 2014 09:24 pm
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Title: Fell for You
Rating: R / M
What's it about? Well, I decided to work on my smut skills, trying to structure it and using a song I was listening to as a theme. The song was "Fell for You" by Greenday but the story didn't go according to plan. Now I'm wondering whether I should leave it here or write more. Thoughts?

Here's the link:

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Title:  One Night
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Howard/Vince
Rating:  R
Warnings:  dealing with the aftermath of sex, discussion of prostitution/sex work, angst
Summary:  Vince and Howard have a post-coital chat, but they are both hedging their bets
Author’s note:  So, this is going on at least another chapter.  Thank you to those who have encouraged/enabled me.



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