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SO WHO’S READY FOR A MIGHTY BOOSH DÆMON AU??? Hell fucking yeah. Because dæmon AUs are THE BEST and I love them, and I don’t think there exists one yet for the Boosh! Which is shocking. (Psst, those of you who don’t know His Dark Materials; you don’t really need to, a quick wiki of dæmon will serve you just fine)

Title: Wild Above Rule or Art
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir, but only in a very gen preslashy way
Author: Culumacilinte
Summary: But no, that isn’t right; that story’s been told before, and elsewhere. Let me try again.

Or: there are many universes and many continuities; when your soul lives outside your body, some things change. An exploration of possibilities.
Rating: G
Word count: 8298

‘I need a gesture, little man’, says Howard. His Mathilde is on the ground at his side, though Howard usually carries her himself, her little paws splayed firm on the dirty wet brick amongst grit and greasy takeaway wrappers and bottlecaps and fag ends. Her whiskers twitch, nervous.

Vince, more than likely, is going to do something stupid. He usually does. No-one ever taught him how to handle these kinds of situations, you see.

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Title:  The Mighty Boosh Halloween Special of Doom 2015 - The Epilogue?!
Author:  life_downsized / theycallmetheomelettedreamer
Pairing:  Howard/Vince
Rating:  G
Warnings:  you might choke on the fluff
Summary:  Howard and Vince watch a very special TV show, and Howard has a very special secret.
Author's note:  Surprise, bitch - bet you thought you'd seen the last of me! Lynn very kindly asked me if I wanted to contribute to this story, and though I didn't want to get under anyone's toes by meddling with the main plot I couldn't quite resist writing a little surprise epilogue for y'all - how could I miss the Halloween Special. So, here it is. Hope you enjoy, and maybe I'll see you at Christmas...

“Howard. Howard. Howard? Howard? Howard! Howard? Howard! Howard!” )
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sorry for the wait, school's hit me like a breezeblock of pain

Title: The Mighty Boosh Halloween Special of Doom Chapter 6
Category: Collab (Howard/Vince)
Summary: Howard's landed himself in a bizarre world, desperately trying to remember how he got to the mirror world as he wanders the land, but he isn't alone for long...
Rating: G
Warnings: None really, some extremely mild sexual undertones but honestly, less than that in the episodes themselves :P

“Oof,” cried Howard as he fell to his knees painfully, his hands sprawling out before him to cushion the fall.

He lifted his head and his brown curls hung in his eyes, slightly damp with sweat. He pushed them aside with the back of one hand and pushed himself onto his knees, his heart racing. In that mirror before he’d ended up here, wherever ‘here’ was, it couldn’t have been… could it? Howard gave his head a shake and got to his feet slowly.

His palms and knees were covered in some kind of dust or powder from the light coloured earth beneath him, cracked like mud in a hot desert, but the colour of snow. He clapped his hands together to rid them of the fine powder and brushed off his cords. The sky was brilliantly blue, almost too blue, with not a single cloud in sight.

“Where am I?” he wondered aloud, looking all around him, but no matter which way he turned the view was the same. Well, except for the mirror protruding from the ground directly behind him.

Howard placed his hand against it tentatively, he didn’t want to go back, not to that deranged version of Vince, certainly not to the way it made him feel when they touched.

“But this is a dream,” he told himself firmly. “Just a stupid dream. Probably all the stress from the campaign.”

He pushed a little against the silver surface, but it was as solid as Nicky “Hot Tuba” Malone’s third and final jazz record. Howard sighed and set off walking in the first direction his feet took him.

He’d made tea for the two of them, that Howard did remember. He sat on the side of the bed while Vince changed into his pyjamas, not that he was paying attention to that, he was reading. Howard couldn’t remember what book it was. He could remember the light blue bottoms and white t-shirt Vince had worn, but the name of his book escaped him.

Howard vaguely wondered what time it was; how long he’d been walking. It was light, but he couldn’t see a sun in the endless blue sky.

Vince had snuggled down under the covers of the bed beside Howard, chattering away about his new cape and some vaguely famous American pop star he’d thought he’d caught a glimpse of in a coffee shop. Then he’d fallen asleep… no, he had to have done something before that. He’d gone somewhere…

Howard stopped in his tracks and snapped his fingers.

Vince, he’d said. Come on, get out from there, you’ve got to brush your teeth.

But Howard, Vince had whined in response. It’s so warm in here. And I’m comfy.

Vince, you’ve had about six sugars in your tea! Your teeth will rot if you don’t take care of them.

Aw, come on Howard, one night ain’t gonna hurt! Get in with me, it’s nice and toasty.

He’d drawn back the duvet on Howard’s side, his own body still completely covered in its warmth, and grinned up at him.

Dental hygiene is an important- Howard had started, but Vince sighed overdramatically and reluctantly gotten out of bed.

Fine, he’d said in exasperation. But you owe me for making me cold.

That was all he could remember. Vince had finished in the loo, and Howard had gone in to get changed into his pyjamas (he, unlike Vince, had some dignity left, thank you sir) and brush his teeth. He’d just finished brushing them when something in the mirror had caught his eye-


Howard’s head snapped up at the sound of his name.


“Vince?” he cried, peering into the distance and setting off at a run. “Vince?”


There was a shape in front of Howard, coming into focus slowly as he sprinted towards it, “Vince? Vince, is that you?”

“Howard, where the hell are you?” Vince’s voice answered.

“Vince, I’m coming!” the image of the ornate mirror blossomed before him and Howard slowed his pace to a trot, his brows furrowed in confusion.

“Howard!” Vince exclaimed from far closer than he’d expected, and then something collided with him and thin arms were around his neck.

“Don’t touch me!” Howard said automatically.

“Howard, are you alright?” Vince asked, pulling back to inspect him, running fingers through his hair and tugging at his curls.

“What are you doing?” he demanded and swatted his hands away. “Get off.”

“Oh thank god you’re okay,” Vince sighed. “I thought you were… nevermind. You’re not hurt? Mr. Susan didn’t get to you?”

“Vince, I’m fine,” Howard assured him flippantly. “How did you even get here?”

“Same as you,” he said simply. “Through the mirror world. I mean, he broke all the mirrors in our room, but-”

“But this,” Howard gestured around them. “How’d you get here?

“Come on, Howard,” he grinned. “There was one old, hideous mirror in the whole room. I could’ve guessed which one you’d stumbled through.”

“It’s probably a valuable antique,” Howard countered and puffed out his chest. “Worth a lot of money-”

“Oh, come off it, Howard,” Vince laughed, but his expression softened and he put a hand on his arm. “I found the right mirror, that’s the important bit.”

“But,” Howard’s brow creased again as he looked back at the mirror. “How did I find it again? I’ve been walking for hours!”

“I’ve told you!” he rolled his eyes. “If you’re where there ain’t any landmarks and you’ve got one leg shorter than the other-”

“Don’t you dare start knocking the pins, sir,” Howard warned. “Or I will come at you like a mighty harpoon! They call me harpoon Moon!”

“Alright, Moby Dick, take it easy,” Vince snorted.

“You know Moby Dick was the whale right?” Howard said. “Nevermind. Erm, Vince?”

“Yeah Howard?” he replied, both of their voices soft and uncertain.

“Um, when exactly were you in the mirror world?” He asked, looking at his feet.

“What d’you mean?” Vince replied, tilting his head to one side.

“I just-” he stuttered. “You weren’t there when- I mean, you didn’t see me at all did you?”

“Err,” Vince bit his thumb nervously, his other hand ruffling his hair. “No.”

Howard just nodded in response, shuffling his feet, “Oh. Right. What about…”

“Fossil?” Vince asked quietly and Howard finally looked up. “Yeah. I saw him too. Scary. He sounded all scared and… I dunno Howard, but it was well creepy.”

“Wait, Vince,” Howard said slowly. “What-?”

He reached out a hand and Vince flinched away.

“Don’t,” he whispered under his breath.

Howard held the piece of fabric buried in his soft black locks between his fingers gently and took a step closer to him.

“What is this?” He asked softly. “Vince, what happened? What did he do to you?”

“I don’t know,” Vince admitted. “One minute I was asleep and the next he was in the room with me, and you were gone and then he came at me and I stabbed him with my seam ripper and then… this happened.”

“But how?” Howard asked breathlessly.

“I don’t know,” he cried. “But I spent the last half hour doing this!”

Vince gestured to the sequined strips of fabric.

“They were hideous, Howard!” he whined, distinctly panicky. “All disgusting shades of mustard and brown and olive. Grimy bits of shammy and rags, there’s no way I could’ve ever pulled that off! Howard, it was horrible!”

“Hey little man, it’s alright,” Howard cooed, taking his hand. “The sequins look great.”

Vince gave him a weak smile, “Thanks Howard. Sorry I didn’t come looking for you sooner-”

“It’s alright,” Howard said again.

“What about Fossil? What are we gonna do, Howard? We’ve gotta help him.”

“But the mirror,” Howard argues. “We can’t back through it. How are we going to get out of here?”
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More than just a pretty face
Chapter 7
Rated G to PG

Available on AO3 or on my LiveJournal HERE

Thank you. xx
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More fic from me! Not any of the things I've been, you know, working on for the past three months, but rather a thing that I accidentally wrote because I have A LOT OF FEELS about jungle child Vince, and s3!Vince, and a criminal weakness for tragedy buttons centring around childhood and forgetting. Fluff and angst.

Title: To Jump on the Wind's Back
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir, but it's pretty gen
Author: Culumacilinte
Rating: G
Word count: 3,333
Summary: It’s easy to forget, sometimes, if you don’t have any reminders. Vince gets a reminder.

When Howard opened his eyes, it was to the weight of Vince kneeling across his hips and smiling down at him with such unadulterated sunshine that Howard felt briefly like he was eleven years old again, seeing that smile for the first time and unused to the force of it.
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Because I forgot to put this up here last week when I actually wrote it, whoops.

Title: Pies: A Tragico-Absurdist Vignette of Revolutionary Russia
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir, ish. Basically canon levels of slashiness
Author: Culumacilinte
Rating: G
Word count: 1386
Summary: ‘This is a little piece now I’ve written myself, with a pen, and it’s set in Russia, around the turn of the century. I know what you’re thinking— don’t think that, because this is dark, penetrating theatre. Please enjoy a piece I’ve written, called simply: Pies.’

An excerpt from the script of Pies: A Tragico-Absurdist Vignette of Revolutionary Russia, and its initial reception.

What is this? Surely one cannot truly fit millions of birds into a small pie, surely a man like this would not play such a cruel jape upon a poor woman. But this is not real life; this is Absurd.

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Title: The Colours of the Rainbow
Summary: There were a few of Uncle Walt’s pens left over...
Rating: G
Warnings: Extremely high calorie content. Bucket may be required.
Length: about 1630 words
Spoilers:  There is singing. And fluff.
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. I know them so well, but still I don’t own them and they’re not making me any money, they’re just making me happy. Don’t ask why they make me happy in this particular way. They just do.
Notes:  This is from me to all of you for Valentine’s Day, although it’s not specifically set on that date, it’s just fluffy and daft. Apologies for my long absence from the writing arena. I have been writing, just not fiction. And I’m sorry for not organising a Valentine’s Day prompt fest this year, but there is such a lot of great prompting and writing going on anyway, we didn’t really need one!

The Colours of the Rainbow

‘Well, there we go, that’s a job well done, yes sir.’ Howard takes a final proud look at the beautifully colour-graded row of felt pens before waving goodbye to their owner and closing the door.
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Dec. 4th, 2014 02:12 pm
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Title: Untitled
Paring: Howard/Vince
Summary: Howard notices something for the first time
Rating: G/PG (Not sure how to gauge this)
Word Count: 70
Disclaimer: I don't own the Boosh
Notes: It's my first time posting my poetry here and frankly I'm not even sure it belongs here but maybe we can make poetry a ~new~ medium. Could be considered drabble I suppose.

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Hi all! I've just started a writing course and thought I wouldn't be doing any fantiction for a little while and instead one of my first pieces ended up being about Howard and Vince. It figures.
So here it is:

Title: Twenty Questions
Rating: G
Summary: Vince plays twenty questions.

The Linky-dink: http://littleredchucks.livejournal.com/28949.html

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Title: A Cake in the Hand is worth Two in the Fridge
Summary: Vince is depressed about his imminent birthday. Howard’s plan to cheer him up doesn’t quite work out as expected
Rating: G
Warnings: Excessive sweetness
Length: about 1940 words
Spoilers:  Vince does get cheered up in the end. So does Howard
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. I know them so well, but still I don’t own them and they’re not making me any money, they’re just making me happy. Don’t ask why they make me happy in this particular way. They just do.
Notes: I started this for the lovely Bluey’s birthday and then got hopelessly overtaken by events and never finished it. Bluey, I am so sorry, this is way too late to be officially a birthday fic but I hope it makes you smile anyway, short and simple though it is.
(I based Howard’s cake on this recipe, and Leroy was inspired by this genius cake which you might just recognize!)

A Cake in the Hand is worth Two in the Fridge

‘So...’ Howard asks, adding sugar to Vince’s breakfast tea, ‘what do you want to do for your birthday this year, Vince? Seeing as you’ll be turning...’

Vince looks warningly at Howard.

Howard looks warningly at the fourth wall.

‘Thirty-two tomorrow,’ Vince and Howard say in unison.

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Spring Sunset

May. 21st, 2014 02:22 am
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Title: Spring Sunset
Pairing: Noelian
Summary: Noel's birthday isn't complete without Julian
Rating: U/G
Warnings: none
Notes: just a fluffy little piece for Noel's birthday. I don't own any people mentioned or The Mighty Boosh. I'm not making any money from this, I'm just playing. This never happened (to our knowledge). Cross-posted to AO3.

Under the cut )

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Title: Back on the Rooftop
Rating: G/PG

Summary: After the kiss on the rooftop Vince enlists the help of the Plan Pony to try and get what he wants but it doesn't go according to plan. Short One-shot.
This came about because of an embarrassing picture I drew for the Boosh Photo Challenge on Tumblr. I'm still embarrassed by the story and the picture. Sorry.

The Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10360717/1/Back-on-the-Rooftop
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Hello again.
I've just gotten home from holidays and thought I'd post the first story I wrote while away.
I'm afraid it's ridiculously sappy but I wrote it at a wedding so it was going to at least a bit sappy.

Title: They met on a day made for love...
Rating: G/K+ (Tame as a kitten)

Here's the link to Fanfiction.net:

Good to be back!
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Title: Enigma Variations, Coda, 8/?: Cake
Summary: There is cake. And more cake.
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Length: about 1520 words
Spoilers: Vince tells the story of how he and Howard got to Xooberon
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. I know them so well, but still I don’t own them and they’re not making me any money, they’re just making me happy
Notes: This future is entirely imaginary, but magic tomato soup cake is real. I found a recipe on the kookychow blog on Tumblr and it just seemed like the sort of thing Naboo would bake when he was high...

Enigma Variations, Coda, 8/?: Cake

‘More cake?’ Naboo pushes the loaded serving plate across the coffee table.

Howard shakes his head. ‘No, thanks, I couldn’t eat another thing.’

I could,’ Vince says hopefully.

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More B&P

Dec. 10th, 2013 06:43 pm
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The Boosh and Prejudice story continues and I couldn't help myself. I had to put a link to what might just be my favourite chapter so far. There are several chapters in the running and I tend to think that the chapter I've just written is my favourite, but I really like this one.
It contains Howard Moon poetry, grumpy/adorable/in love Vince and a swollen ankle.

Here it be:


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Hello again.
This story has expanded somewhat since I was last able to post a link to it so I'm putting in a linky to chapter one:


And a linky to chapter 40:


(Told you it had expanded.)

Hope you like it.


P.s. It's still G, tiny bit of chaste kissing and blushing, but nothing else.
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More Pride and Prejudice silliness, sorry.
It's getting itself written really quickly. I think because I'm spending a lot of time by my daughter's bed and need something to cheer me up.
Hope it's making a few other people smile too.

Here be the linky:

Ta ta.

Oh, and it's still rated very much G, though I there is quite a lot of blushing.
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Me bothering you again, with some more chapters of story, which seem to be getting progressively longer.
Jane Austen has crawled inside my brain with mildly slashy intentions and she will not come out, not even for tea and strawberry bootlaces.
The rating is K or G, depending on your part of the world. Nobody has even held hands yet...
Follow the linky dink to FanFiction for a quick read while I work on the next bit:

Warming Up

Oct. 19th, 2013 03:32 am
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Title:  Warming Up
Author: Concupid
Pairing: Julian/Noel (romantic friendship)
Rating: PG
Warnings:  RPS, just a bit of fun with the warm up gigs and those unphotographed kisses!
Summary:  Noel and Julian reflect on how they've changed as they prepare for Festival Supreme.
Author's note:  It's late at night, but I want to post it pre-festival so forgive the usual errors!  Thanks to the awesome people who have shared stories of those lovely, warm up gig kisses.

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Title: Enigma Variations, Coda, 2/?: Cup
Summary: It’s a long story, and Howard doesn’t know where to start
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Length: somewhat short of 1000 words
Spoilers: Naboo still makes a good cup of tea
Disclaimer: these characters aren’t mine, more’s the pity, and I make no profit from writing about them
Notes: I’m sorry, I know, I know, I said I’d be away for a week and it’s been WAY longer... this is a short chapter but I promise I won’t leave you hanging for so long before the next one!

Enigma Variations, Coda, 2/?: Cup

‘Vince got c... got sick,’ Howard says hoarsely, huddling deeper into the armchair beside the fire. He feels as though he’ll never be warm again. ‘It was alright, until then. It was...’

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