Jan. 24th, 2016 03:56 pm
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Title:  Julianuary
Author:  Concupid
Pairing:  Noel/Julian
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  RPF, explicit sex, drug mention, slurs, language
Summary:  Noel tells Julian about Julianuary and tries to celebrate while Julian reflects on their unique relationship.  PWP, but with lots of backstory and feelings.
Author's note:  I am bad at PWP, so this got a bit out of control.  Thank you, Bluey for reading 8,000 rough drafts of this and helping me to actually finish it before Julianuary ended!  This story is naturally dedicated to all the filthy perverts who ogle Julian Barratt on a regular basis.

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because their love is not creepy or stalkery in the least

and I can never get enough of them going at it

many shared looks and touches )

MANY THANKS if you took any of these. MANY THANKS.

Photo credits: CoralGraves, celestronica, kimmunism, other people too, on MightyBooshDVD the official flickr. Check it out, so many good photos there.
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Since everyone is kind of in the spirit of posting screencaps at the moment, I am de-lurking to bring you this little mini-story! 

P.S. I really hope the cut worked, eek! :| 

I couldn't resist.
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Thanks to the mighty [livejournal.com profile] poofybit over at [livejournal.com profile] _booshmedia I now have a fine set of screencaps from Series Three. So, in the spirit of the silliness of the holiday season, what better way to (ab)use them than to add pr0n-o-graphic and ghey captions of LOL?

Dedicated to all new Members of BSH. Welcome! *waves*

Rating: 15 (contains implied fisting, bestiality and watersports...so, pretty much just like the Mighty Boosh then?)

Banana? )

I could have gone on much, much longer but I suddenly remembered I have A Life. Eugh. :P

LB x (lowering the tone since 2005)
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I have updated the Gallery with images from The Big Fat (Ghey) Quiz of the Year.

Highlights include... )
I'm not quite done capping yet, but it's very tedious capping from an .avi, you can't go rewind or fast forward with buttons, you can only use the timeline. *le sigh tragique*

This doesn't count as OT, does it? Noel is on the show and he is being slashy, plus we all know he's just trying to make Julian jealous. If it is OT, tell me, consider me bollocked and I'll remove the post.

ETA: Take the icon too! Just credit me in the keywords! *grins*
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[livejournal.com profile] cailenbraern  has been working her google magic again, and found new boosh pictures! oh the wonders! The prettiness! You will swoon, oh yes you will. Oh and she agreed to marry me. I reckon shes after me boosh tickets. *clings to tickets* 

and more under the cut. Oh so gorgeous.... )


Oct. 27th, 2005 05:42 pm
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New pictures! Woo! Discovered by [livejournal.com profile] cailenbraern , who is apparantly the genius behind the operation....


onto the squee... )

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Yay Nathan Barley! It gave us absolutely fupping gorgeous Julian Barratt in all his sulky stubbly hairy glory, and Noel Fielding in crazed DJ fantabulousness. And of course, Julian doing naughty things to a builder in the toilets. Hehehe. Heh. Hehe.

Uh, right. Anyhoo. Screencaps! We got over a thousand, I'm currently converting them to JPG, and then I'm putting 'em in a zip file for y'alls.

For now though, here be some ickle screencaps pour vous! Dial up users beware....

Dan Ashcroft! Wooop! )

Jones now... )


Sep. 20th, 2005 02:06 pm
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Those wonderful people at Sickcom have let me post some of their slashy boosh screencaps! So big thanks to them, and if you're in need of comedy slash (other than the boosh of course) then thats the place to go!

So, pics under the cut! Picspam alert! )


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