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Title: Somebody Told Me
Pairing: Howard/Vince
Summary: Howard discovers that what Vince says to his face and what he tells his other friends are two very different things.
Word Count: 2131
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None to speak of
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Author's Note: A few of us on Tumblr got to talking about how exactly Lance Dior knows that Howard straightens Vince's hair, bakes him little cakes, etc., and the conversation marinated in my brain for a while and then this happened. Tip of the hat to [livejournal.com profile] bluestocking79 and [livejournal.com profile] doctorpancakes for inspiration and for just generally being awesome.

( Follow the fake cut! )
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Title: Ride on Time 1/2
Pairing: Crack Fox, Howard & Vince, a surprise Father Christmas
Summary: It’s zoo times and Howard has discovered Jazzercise. Unfortunately, his jazz movement teacher is no other than the Crack Fox.
Word Count: 4000
Warnings: drug use, violence, ickiness, but no actual bestiality (which you’ll either be disappointed about or glad to hear)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my Zooniverse.

Request from the 'How Howard lost his virginity’ meme: Howard/Crack Fox! Needle pricks/drugs and gay clubbing + fuzzy tingle times and squishy boots! Howard cries.

Ride on Time part 1 )
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Title: Interference; or A Shaman's Guide to Quantum Mechanics
Pairing: Howard/Vince pre-slash, Jack/Adair (AU doppelgangers) established relationship
Fandom: Boosh/Half-Life 2
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror/Adventure/Romance
Summary: In London, Howard and Vince are trying to learn how to be friends again, but something else lies in store for them. A world away (literally), Jack and Adair are just trying to stay alive.
Word Count: 6000
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, ALIENS, ridiculous pseudo-science.
Disclaimer: Boosh belongs to Julian and Noel and Baby Cow, Half-Life 2 belongs to Valve.

Notes )

Chapter One: London. 'You look like a deranged bullfighter who has gone off to fight for Francisco Franco.' )

Chapter Two: City 14. 'You're gonna have a wicked scar here. You'll look well evil.' )
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Or, maybe not the tail you thought it was.

Part 5 of 9


Pairing: Howard/Vince

Author: Unbelievable2

Rating: PG13, probably.

Word Count: 4,268

Summary: What starts as a new departure for Howard and a surprise for Vince swiftly turns into a [nail-bitingly terrifying/ridiculously overblown*] race against time to thwart an old enemy.
*delete as applicable

This chapter still a bit dark, but hang in there…..

Warnings: For story as a whole, some nastiness, violence, drug refs and swears, talking animals, character death (oh, and some s/ash ;) here and there)

Disclaimer: Sadly I own neither the creators nor their characters, and I will not, nor would I ever wish to, profit from either.


Read more... )
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I was watching my Series 3 DVD this fair morn when I came across an Easter egg that made me implode with pure slashy delight! I'm not too sure about whether this post is a bit spoilery or allowed so I will put it under a cut to be safe!

Confessions of Theh Ghey in song format? )


(Having not been a member of BSH all that long and only ever posting fics before, I’m not too sure if everything is this post is okay, please let me know if it isn’t.)
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Sorry for posting twice, but I now have 36 more screencaps of the Noel/Julian hug from the series 3 extras, courtesy of lleif from the Boosh Forum ([livejournal.com profile] leonleif) so we can enjoy it in even more detail.

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The guys are pimping themselves online via the power of video, to promote the release of the third series on DVD. (OUT ON MONDAY! WITH LOTS OF EXTRAS!)


PLAY.COM - you may have to crank the sound up on this one

Naturally, I didn't notice Julian licking his fingers OR the lingering looks Noel and Julian gave one another...no, not one bit.

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Thanks to the mighty [livejournal.com profile] poofybit over at [livejournal.com profile] _booshmedia I now have a fine set of screencaps from Series Three. So, in the spirit of the silliness of the holiday season, what better way to (ab)use them than to add pr0n-o-graphic and ghey captions of LOL?

Dedicated to all new Members of BSH. Welcome! *waves*

Rating: 15 (contains implied fisting, bestiality and watersports...so, pretty much just like the Mighty Boosh then?)

Banana? )

I could have gone on much, much longer but I suddenly remembered I have A Life. Eugh. :P

LB x (lowering the tone since 2005)
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Is Thursday 15th November getting further away?

To help not spoiler the new series episodes for others who haven't seen them or who are waiting to see it on the old-fashioned telly box, it might be a good idea to head your entry 'SERIES 3 SPOILER' and place the details under a cut, so that those who don't want to read it can scroll past the entry.

Those of you who wish to watch the episodes via online previews over the coming weeks can then express your slashy thoughts safely in the knowledge that you aren't dampening anyone else's enjoyment. Everybody's happy. :)

Other Boosh dates for your diary, this week:
Monday 12th November:
10.30pm, Radio One, Colin Murray - Boosh co-host and documentary
Thursday 15th November:
7.00am, Channel 4, Freshly Squeezed - TV interview
10.00am, Radio One, Jo Whiley's Show, Boosh co-host
9.00-10.00pm, MTV2, Mighty Boosh Takeover (whatever that means)
9.00pm, BBC2, Never Mind The Buzzcocks - (possibly?) Noel replaces Bill Bailey as team captain for three weeks.
10.30pm, BBC3, First Episode of the new Series airs!
Friday 16th November:
12.10 am, Channel 4, Transmission (so technically Saturday then)
Saturday 17th November:
1.00pm, Radio Two, Vic Reeves' House Arrest - Noel plays "an unusual odd job man" (I bet he does...)
7.00pm, BBC2, The Culture Show - Feature and interview

If anyone knows of anything else they've got lined up this week, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

There may also be a Boosh-edited 'NME' magazine out this week (or next) so watch out for that.

If you miss anything, I expect things will be uploaded to the webz or they will be available on those Listen Again functions. Hold on to your loose change and jump aboard the Boosh roller-coaster of pre-series promotion! \o/

Incidentally, did anyone see the Times Online review of the Boosh?
This line caught my eye:
Noel Fielding, wearing a new silver jump-suit that makes his considerable genitals look like a massive draught excluder in the shape of a snake.

Shocking. :)


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